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Speech to Text Software – Unlock the productivity benefits

Categories: NewsPublished On: August 23, 2022

Speech-to-text software is gaining momentum and it’s easy to see why.  Speech-to-text software or voice recognition technology can produce documents in less than half the time it takes to type improving productivity and increasing the flexibility of an organisation to share information, content and important documents faster.  It offers a reliable method of documenting meetings, presentations and conferences with fewer errors. Oncall has recently developed a powerful AI transcription software that offers real-time, accurate voice-to-text transcriptions called CaptionConnect Live 

CaptionConnect Live is powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based software that allows users to quickly and accurately convert speech to text in real-time from anywhere in the world offering boundless possibilities for businesses and organisations to: 


  • Improve their productivity  
  • Improve efficiencies and accuracy 
  • Capture important meetings information quickly and easily  
  • Share information about meetings, conferences, workshops and lessons effortlessly 
  • Easily translate meeting or conference transcripts 



Speech-to-Text Software – Where can it be used?  


For conferences and board meetings 

CaptionConnect Live enables users to generate an accurate written transcript of presentations, conferences, board meetings or Annual General Meeting discussions quickly and easily.  These written transcripts are stored as files that can be shared effortlessly among staff and stakeholders and even allow for further annotation and notes to be added for clarity.  

Speech-to-text software for Education 

CaptionConnect is ideal for classrooms, science labs, lecture theatres and auditoriums. It is an easy-to-use software that gives students access to live captioning via a desktop web browser or mobile device.


  • No tricky installations 
  • No clunky dashboards  
  • Just simple easy-to-use software, that makes lessons accessible to all students.


No more manual transcriptions, making spoken classes, presentations and meetings more accessible to all. CaptionConnect assists by removing access barriers for participants who are Deaf or hard of hearing or have learning challenges by ensuring they are not missing information that is voiced by a presenter. Participants can follow classes, lectures and presentations via the automated speech-to-text functionality which displays directly in their CaptionConnect dashboard. 

CaptionConnect Live transcribes a presenter’s speech and simultaneously displays the speech in text onto both the teacher’s and all the students’ screens in a live presentation. Students who are subscribers to the software can view the presentation in the same class or lecture room, remotely from their home, or even from a different country if required.   

CaptionConnect also provides supplementary features such as video subtitling (closed or open captions) and automated audio file transcription.  These written transcripts support and enhance learning. CaptionConnect also allows users to go back into the platform in their own time and re-listen to recordings of each session as well as download the transcript to reuse as a study resource. 


Speech-to-text software for Federal, State and Local Government 

CaptionConnect is useful in a variety of Government settings from transcribing Community Engagement Consultations and Meetings, to making Federal, State and Local Government meetings, events and seminars accessible to the Deaf community. 


A robust enterprise solution built for multi-user access and administration 

CaptionConnect is a fully managed cloud-based (SaaS) solution, offered with flexible subscription models and is fully scalable to meet current and increase capacity in the future.  It grows alongside your business. With robust security features, this enterprise-level software solution can easily handle hundreds of users at a time and is currently being rolled out across Victorian schools by the Department of Education.   


Request a free demonstration 

Save thousands of hours a year by transcribing your audio and video files to text quickly and easily – ideal for educators, lawyers, students, journalists, podcasters and professional transcriptionists, all over the world.  Contact us today to request a free no obligation demonstration.   

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