Hospital and Medical Interpreting Services

ONCALL has been partnering with major public, NHS and private hospitals and healthcare providers for over 37 years in order to provide them with high quality and specialist healthcare interpreters and translators.

ONCALL understands the paramount importance of effective and accurate healthcare interpreting which can have life-changing and life-threatening consequences. Our interpreters work with healthcare providers to ensure patients understand their diagnosis, treatment options, rights and are able to provide informed consent to their healthcare treatments.

Healthcare interpreters that work in hospital settings must have specialist language skills to be able to correctly and meticulously translate medical terms and patient information into language that is easily understood by the patient.

As part of our Professional Learning program ONCALL provides its interpreters and translators with specialist training in medical and healthcare interpreting through robust and comprehensive modules and workshops.

Responsive interpreting solutions at your fingertips, 24/7/365

ONCALL understands that hospitals need to be able to access responsive interpreting and translation services in an emergency.

We have therefore developed a range of language service solutions tailored to the needs of hospitals and patients in up to 300 languages and dialects.



Video Conference Interpreting

Sign Language Interpreting

Translation Services

Transcription Services

A number of large hospitals already rely on ONCALL’s emergency interpreting and translation services:

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